Designing, engineering, building miniaturized mobile electron linear accelerators: our passion!

Drawing on the experience of 2 highly skilled group of professionals, SIT is now world leader in the manufacture of IOeRT (Intra Operative electron Radiation Therapy) systems and operates on every continent, with installations, business units, distributors and field engineers.

SIT is the only Italian company, and one of the few worldwide, capable of designing, building, distributing and service miniaturized mobile electron linear accelerators. SIT’s creation sprang from the desire to provide an industrial form to a wealth of knowledge in the field of particle physics, microwaves, electronics and vacuum brazing.

Country of Origin: Italy

LIAC HWL – Mobile IQeRT Accelerator

IntraOperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) in its broadest sense refers 

to the delivery of irradiation at the time of an operation. IORT evolved as an attempt to achieve higher effective doses of irradiation while dose-limiting structures are surgically displaced.”

IntraOperative irradiation (IORT) refers to delivery of a single dose of irradiation to a surgically exposed tumor or tumor bed while the normal tissues are protected from the irradiation either by retracting the mobilized tissue or by shielding the anatomically fixed tissues.IORT has traditionally been performed by using an electron beam as the source of irradiation.”