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A New Kind of Medical Technology Company

was founded on the belief that enhanced real-time visualization combined with on-line adapting and accurate dose recording will significantly improve the safety and efficacy of radiation therapy, leading to better outcomes for patients.

MRI-guided radiation therapy was conceived by company founder James F. Dempsey, PhD, while he was a member of the radiation oncology faculty at the University of Florida in 2004. And ViewRay holds the exclusive worldwide license for its combination of MRI and radiation therapy technologies.

Country of Origin: USA


At ViewRay®, we understand that the best way to deliver an accurate dose of radiation to a moving target is to be able to see inside the body at the time of treatment. That is why we designed MRIdian®, the  world’s  first  and  only  MRI-Guided  Radiation Therapy System that can image and treat cancer patients  simultaneously.  MRIdian was an early breakthrough allowing the world’s first clinical MRI guided radiation treatments, having treated over 1,200 patients in clinics worldwide.