UJP Praha


UJP PRAHA a.s. historically follows up on the activities of the former Institute of Nuclear Fuels, whose portfolio has gradually included activities from many other areas. Among the most important are especially rich and many years of proven experience in uranium processing and other shading protection materials, the production of transport and storage containers for ionizing radiation sources and a wider portfolio of products and services.

In the field of medical technology, UJP PRAHA a.s. products using ionizing radiation. These are mainly radiation radiotherapists and related devices used in radiotherapy.

Country of Origin: Zbraslav – Municipality in the Czech Republic

The TERASIX X-ray simulator

X-ray simulator with unique VirtualBiemView technology is used to verify and prepare radiotherapy treatment. Radiation therapy with high irradiation demands currently requires a precise therapy plan to eliminate errors in the chosen radiotherapy procedure and to minimize the impact of healthy tissues on irradiation on the radiotherapy device. UJP PRAHA as has therefore developed a fully electronically controlled TERASIX X-ray simulator for accurate planning, which meets all the requirements for accurate radiotherapy treatment.