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Founded in 1943

Devoted to healthcare industry system integration, product R&D, production, sales and medical seNice

Chairman Unit for China Medical Devices Industry Association

Chairman Unit of the Technical Innovation Alliance of Radiotherapy Equipment industry

Approved as NationalLevel High-tech Technological Enterprise

Approved as National Torch Program High-tech Technological Enterprise

Titled as the first “National Level Enterprise Technology Center” Went public in Shanghai Stock Market (code: 600587) in 2002

Medical Linear Accelerator is approved as “National Independent Innovation Product” in China

Country of Origin: China


XHA1400 Digital Linear Accelerator

XHA1400 is a digitized dual-photon medical linear accelerator used for high accuracy image-guided radiotherapy platform. It has two X-rays (6MV and 10 MV) and multi electron rays from 6MeV to 12MeV which can treat deep seated tumor and superficial tumor. Itadopts modular real-time control technology and can be equipped with precise couch. Integrated with high speed MLC,XHA1400 can achieve conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy, volume modulated radiotherapy and other advanced treatment technologies in future.