About Wikkon

Founded in 1996 with its mission to improve human health by delivering innovative and high-quality medical devices, WIKKON is a leading manufacturer and marketer of ESWL, ESWT, HIFU, and many more medical devices.

Wikkon (previously named Huikang) was founded in 1996 with its mission to improve human health by delivering high-quality, competitively priced medical devices. Wikkon is now a leading manufacturer and marketer of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter(ESWL), shock wave therapy device(ESWT), picture archive and communication system (PACS) and high intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapy system (HIFU).

During the past years, WIKKON have over 2500 installations of lithotripsy machines at home and abroad. WIKKON products have been presented in many countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Zambia, Chile, Peru etc.

Country of Origin: China

HIFU 2001

Redefining HIFU therapy

HIFU redefined tumor treatment as a non-invasive, non­ radioactive and non-toxic modality. And today this modality is significantly refined by HIFU-2001, a system well balancing between safety and efficacy due to use of a series of innovative technologies. Its anesthesia-free procedure makes HIFU treatment easily performed by even a single operator in an out-patient clinic.

No heavily shielded bunkers, no complicated maintenance, installing and operating of a HIFU-2001 system  require nothing more than negligible  consumption of electricity and tap water.