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Our Vision and Mission

The term brachytherapy means “near therapy,” or bringing the source of radiation close to the tissue that is targeted.

Every component of our advanced platform technology has been expertly engineered to improve quality of care, optimize operational workflow, and increase access to patient-centric, cutting-edge radiation therapy for patients and providers alike – all in one, innovative system.

Our technology empowers physicians with full confidence to precisely and effectively treat cancer and enable their patients to live healthy, high-quality lives. Our commitment to this innovative technology is driven by the valuable benefits it offers to physicians, facilities and patients on a global scale.

Country of Origin: San Jose – City in California

Breast  IORT

IORT uses a miniaturized x-ray source to deliver a full course of targeted radiation directly within the tumor cavity where the cancer is most likely to recur, carefully destroying cancer cells and reducing the risk of damage to nearby healthy tissue including the heart, lungs, and ribs.1 This helps reduce potential side effects which are more common with whole breast irradiation.2 With IORT, radiation therapy can be adapted to the personalized needs of the patient.

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